TD3 Soundart Series Tambourine (10" silver, doubel row) . Black Swamp


The core of our SoundArt Series™ tambourines is a solid, steambent Ash shell. We use skilled hand craftsmanship and precise, advanced machinery to showcase the natural beauty of the wood. Our rigorous quality standards and superior quality lumber means that we don't have to hide anything.

Our jingles are hammered in such a way to produce a full sonority while balancing different characteristics such as attack, tessitura, sustain, projection, and tone. For example, some jingle types emphasize bite, while others emphasize ring.

All SoundArt tambourines are available with either premium translucent calfskin, or Remo Renaissance synthetic heads. Calf is the true traditional skin of choice for tambourines, and the synthetic offers more resistance to pitch changes while still producing a professional sound.

German Silver (aka nickel silver), has been used in musical instruments for centuries. It has a musical ringing quality that is bright and pure.

Model: TD3
Manufacturer: Black Swamp
TD3 Soundart Series Tambourine (10" silver, doubel row) . Black Swamp
Price: $199.95

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