YTR-8335LAS Wayne Bergeron Custom Bb Trumpet Outfit (silver plated) . Yamaha

SKU:  ae00-1178
Manufacturer Part #:  YTR-8335LAS

Designed with West Coast recording legend Wayne Bergeron, this new custom trumpet provides the perfect balance of resistance and openness to fit any style of playing. Outstanding attention to detail including the French bead and side seams in medium-large bore tubing results in superior playability with strong, brilliant tonal colors suited to various genres, particularly jazz or popular music. The modified taper allows for high air capacity and a quick, controlled response. The modified bell shape leads to a projecting, brilliant and complex sound. Brass valve casings aid response, change the sound characteristic and provide a broad range of overtones. The larger bore perfectly balances the resistance level for players requiring a more open feel.

Model: YTR-8335LAS
Manufacturer: Yamaha


SKU:  ae00-1178^YTR-8335LAS
Manufacturer Part #:  YTR-8335LAS
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Price: $2,822.99

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