YTR-9335VSII Vizzutti Custom Bb Trumpet Outfit (silver plated) . Yamaha

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Manufacturer Part #:  YTR-9335VSII

Based on the current Xeno Artist New York Series YTR-9335NYSII model, the YTR-9335VSII has been refined to provide a rare blend of slightly lower playing resistance and improved response, offering speed and definition that facilitate the type of detailed, delicate phrasing that is a hallmark of Allen Vizzutti’s transcendent technique. The YTR-9335VSII also delivers solid tone that is not only well suited to classical genres, but offers plenty of character and presence for jazz and other styles as well.

Brass Piston Stems

Rather than the standard aluminum stems, the pistons stems in this model are silver-plated brass that improves response while contributing to solid tone for maximum playability and clarity on fast, detailed passages.

1st Slide Brace and 3rd Slide Pull Knob

To achieve higher resistance and improved control, a brace has been added to the 1st tuning slide and the size of the 3rd tuning slide pull knob has been increased.

Synthetic Valve Guide Material

A special synthetic valve guide material contributes to quick, nimble response when performing fast passages while simultaneously reducing valve noise. This refinement makes it easier than ever to play with impressive power and speed.

Gold-plated Valve Buttons and Caps

Gold-plated valve buttons, upper valve caps, and lower valve caps not only add elegant visual accents, but also contribute to beautiful tone.

Black Mother of Pearl Valve Buttons

Black mother of pearl valve buttons, also featured on the previous Allan Vizzutti model, provide excellent playing feel as well as sophisticated visual elegance.

Supplied Mouthpiece

The instrument is supplied with an Allan Vizzutti signature mouthpiece, with gold-plated rim.

Supplied Case

In addition to a handle and shoulder strap, this versatile carrying case features back straps for convenient 3-way portability. The side pocket is large enough for A4 size scores.

Model: YTR-9335VSII
Manufacturer: Yamaha


SKU:  ae00-28107^YTR-9335VSII
Manufacturer Part #:  YTR-9335VSII
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