SSC904XUP/C113 4-piece Shell Pack (sheer blue) . Pearl


This is a Pearl Session Studio Classic 4-piece shell pack. The shell configuration is: 20x16 Bass Drum, 14x14 Floor Tom, 12x8 Mounted Tom, 10x7 Mounted Tom. The Session Studio Classic follows the original Session "recipe" with blended Birch and Kapur shells, recreating the classic "Session sound" of strong attack and projection with outstanding lows and punch that you can feel. The reinvented SSC are finished in the same gorgeous high-gloss "31 step" lacquer finishes that are featured on Masters, Reference and Masterworks. Choose from six dazzling stocking finishes including Piano Black, Sequoia Red, Sheer Blue, Antique Ivory, and Matte Amber Liquid.

Model: SSC904XUP/C113
Manufacturer: Pearl
SSC904XUP/C113 4-piece Shell Pack (sheer blue) . Pearl
Price: $1,199.00